lfsI confess that what pushed me to create the association HWA was the feeling that I owed so much to life. I have had a lot from every point of view – a house, affection, family, work…- so much that, at a certain point, I felt that the moment had come to give back a bit of the good that I had received, to do something to help those who had never even heard of fortune.

It was a wish that I had held for a long time and that has grown with time. I found that I could transfer my abilities, my experience and my time into building something that could really help those living in desperation, immediately and in the long term.

And so HWA was born, with great aspirations, a structure created for offering practical and direct help to workers, volunteers and associations hard at work in the darkest corners of the world, saving women and children from Death.

J. Mary Packiam