Educational Assistance

1. Education is the future of new generations.

  • Educational assistance like fees, distribution of school materials, uniform to poor children and helping to get sponsorship and scholarship for needy people through referral services (other service organization).
  • Encouraging and getting Admission for dropout children specially girl children and street children
    Starting free Tuition centre in the villages, slum areas for street children with dedicative volunteers and crèche for daily labour’s children.
  • Street children and Slum Dwellers Project:
  • Find out the living condition of the street and slum dwellers and improve their quality of hygienic living.
  • Counselling:
  • We are giving counseling to the Parents of special children (Leukemia, TB, Hansen’s person, physically and mentally challenged, HIV/Aids affected children to bring them for regular medication; to relieve from their sadness; understand the reality of this sickness without any depression and frustration.
    For School children (Standard from 9th to 12 th std) how to overcome their foreseen situations; how to take diversion from their wrong decision from the confused stage.
  • Family counseling, group counseling also given according to the issues.
  • Meditation for women and youth


For Physically, mentally , visually, hearing impaired and Hansens’ person; getting admission, giving appliances ; Vocational training; helping to get Identity cards through DRO(District Rehaibilitation Office); educational assistance; giving guidance to admit in special school (like Spastic Society; Little Flower convent; clark School for the deaf etc)


  • Literacy awareness – in the villages, migrant workers specially for girl children education, Childhood stinks with illiteracy
  • Aids Awareness– distribution of pamphlets, diagnosis, prevention an and treatment (parents and children)
  • Awareness on “side effects of self medication”, “how to prevent from water born and mosquito diseases”(eg.Cholera,Typhoid,Malaria) especially in the summer, how to prevent ‘female infanticide”. ‘’Immunization and vaccination” and disturbances linked to pregnancy and child birth.
  • Environmental awareness programmes, “global warming”, how to relieve from smoking and using tobacco and other addict problems
  • Basic Human rights, domestic violence, Non-violence, rights for women etc.
  • Seminars on “non-violence”, “leadership qualities”, communicable diseases and its causative organisms” sexually transmitted diseases, leprosy, tuberculosis and the greatest number of deaths are due to malaria, often related to cases of anaemia. etc.
    Serving Our World with your help, can make a lasting and monumental difference. With the help of friends and HumanistMovement and FDs organization (group of volunteers)we built a community Hall at Tsunami affected area by name “ KOKILAMEDUKUPPAM”, .It is used by the fishery people for as a children’s balwadi, skill Training centre, tsunami alarm centre , clinics and much more. We need you to accomplish this and there are no donations too small.
  • Skill training Programme (Programme Volunteers)
    Skill training (paper bag and glass making, making artificial jwellery, Crystal glass painting, cosmetology, Embroidery and tailoring, making home products and so on ) to physically and mentally challenged people, Self Help groups, and unemployed people who have completed minimum education, and ecomically weaker sections. Also helping to get loans from Bank and for marketing with the help of college students and local volunteers.