FDS Projects in India

ASSOCIAZIONE FONTE di SPERANZA ONLUS, ITALY is in partnership with HORIZON WELFARE ASSOCIATION, and supporting many projects in  India through them, under the following avenues of service.


“Health is wealth”

To feel healthy, you must be healthy and to be healthy You need to nourish your cells.

FDS italy is giving hand to conduct Health camps, Seminars & Awareness programmes on Health topics, surgery for  kidney cancer children, special support for blood cancer & HIV/Aids affected children and women, Medicines for Mobile Medical unit etc.

Diagnosis, Treatement and follow-up is monitoring by HWA for future action.


 “Todays chidren are Tommorrows Leaders”

Education is the most important need of life and back –bone to everyone. Our chidren have got a wonderful opportunity to acquire it because of your invaluable support.

Many children in rural areas don’t have the basic amenities to go to schools

FDS’s support will help children develop interest in studies . this will go a long way in ensuring that eager learners will attend school regularly, learn properly and dream their way to a bright future. FDS provides essential school supplies making school going a joyful experience and it motivates children to scale new heights in life.


Skill training on Tailoring, Embroidery, poer machne training to those whoare going to Export Companies, Cosmetology, prepare toilet itms(like phenoyl, soap powder, blue etc), bead making to poor people  especially young women  and school dropouts to lift up their life.